Speed Dial for Chrome

I’ve been using Chrome for a few years now. One thing about Chrome is that they display the eight most visited websites on the front page. That’s nice, but: I’d like more than eight websites, and I’d like to control which websites appear on the list. I finally a chrome-plugin that would let me do that. It’s called Speed Dial, and it’s free, so I’m happy.

(Note: There is one problem I have with Speed Dial though: you can’t remove an existing bookmark from your bookmark list. A workaround is to go into Chrome, go to extensions, turn off Speed Dial, edit your bookmarks, then turn Speed Dial back on.)

Fallout Soundtrack

Mark Morgan put together a free hi-quality version of the soundtracks to Fallout 1 & 2:

Mark Morgan’s “Vault Archives” is remastered and mixed full-bandwidth soundtrack from old-classic “Fallout” games (24 tracks).

I think he copied the original music and recorded it in much higher quality. For anyone who spent way too much time playing the Fallout series (like I did), this will bring back some memories. You can download it here or here, and listen to a few tracks using the embedded player here.

[Hat tip to Octopus Overlords]