CryEngine 3 Tech Demo

This is a pretty impressive tech demo from the Crytek team. I’ll be looking forward to seeing more 3D Engines capable of this kind of thing in the future.

Just recently, the Unreal Engine changed their licensing cost. Now it’s 25% of all revenue after the first $50,000. That seems like a decent deal, especially for small game companies who’d never be able to afford the flat rate of $350,000 or more. (All the good 3D Engines over the past 10 years would cost a flat rate of $350,000 or more, which always put them out of reach of any small company.) Although, I suppose a 25% cut could get pricey for bigger-budget companies that are bringing in millions.

I’ve been working with an open-source 3D engine for work, and it has me itching for a commercial engine that runs fast, has advanced features, and has the glitches worked out.

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