Google Earth, Now With 100% More Trees

Just thought this was pretty cool. What’s next? More accurate architectural models? Sliders so users can see the city in different years and historical periods? Accurate real-time traffic models?

Update: Google Earth already contains historical data. They do this by overlaying old maps over the same location. Though they don’t have 3D models of the locations.

Nazi Maps For A US Invasion

A friend of mine sent these to me. They’re from March 1942 (four months after the bombing of Pearl Harbor), and they are imagined invasions of the US by the Axis powers. I believe these are invasion scenarios imagined by someone at Life magazine, not authentic invasion plans. (Given that they were published in March 1942, they must be imaginary plans because the US wouldn’t have captured some invasion plans so early.) Some of the maps include a “fifth column”, which makes me wonder if they thought German-Americans and Japanese-Americans would rally to support the invasion of the US.

Click here to see the original article with more maps.

On this topic, it’s also interesting to take a look at the Zimmerman telegram. The Zimmerman telegram was the message sent from Germany to Mexico in 1917 (World War 1) suggesting that Mexico attack the United States. It resulted in the US getting involved in World War 1 against Germany.

10 Centuries of European History

My only criticism of this video is that it should play faster, and should show the year somewhere. If this is ten centuries, then the years should correspond to roughly:

1000 AD – 1100 AD = 0:00 – 0:32
1100 AD – 1200 AD = 0:32 – 1:05
1200 AD – 1300 AD = 1:05 – 1:37
1300 AD – 1400 AD = 1:37 – 2:10
1400 AD – 1500 AD = 2:10 – 2:42
1500 AD – 1600 AD = 2:42 – 3:15
1600 AD – 1700 AD = 3:15 – 3:37
1700 AD – 1800 AD = 3:37 – 4:20
1800 AD – 1900 AD = 4:20 – 4:52
1900 AD – 2000 AD = 4:52 – 5:22

Influencers [Video]

I have to admit that I take this video with a grain of salt. There’s also something odd about juxtaposing Michael Jordan with Ghandi. Sure, they’re both iconic. But, I’m not sure that Jordan is really much of an “influencer” (in terms of being avant garde or an early adopter) except for the fact that he’s famous for being such a good athlete. Being influential because you’re ultra famous is actually pretty easy.

USSR’s Moon Lander

This is a pretty cool picture of the USSR’s moon lander. (The USSR never ended up sending a man to the moon.) See more pictures and read more about it here, and read more about the Soviet LK Lander here.

The LK (Lunniy Korabl—”lunar craft”) was a Soviet lunar lander and counterpart of the American Lunar Module (LM). The LK was to have landed a single Soviet citizen on the Moon before the Americans. It completed development and was test flown successfully in Earth orbit, but never reached the Moon because the N1 rocket required to take it to the Moon was never successful.

The success of Project Apollo in putting American astronauts on the Moon in 1969 meant that the United States won the Moon race, giving the deathblow to the Soviet moon program, although plans were drawn up until the early 1970s.