News Bits

– I was talking to another game developer last week. He’s a big, big fan of Apple products. He does all his work on a Mac, and he’s the only person I know with an iPad. He also makes Flash games, and has been porting them to the iPhone and iPad. Apple recently decided to ban ports of Flash games being sold in the App store, cutting him off from the market. Google really wants more developers on the Droid. They’ve been talking to him about getting his games on the Droid phone, and asked him if he had one. He didn’t, so they sent him a free phone, and mailed to him overnight. Google is really working hard to knock the iPhone off it’s top position. Looks like Google might’ve just stolen-away the biggest Mac-fan I know.

– Talked to a guy last week that started playing the new D&D Online. It’s a free-to-play MMO, but their revenue model is that players can buy in-game items. He said he’s spent about $150 on in-game items. Wow. I don’t know how many months he’s been playing, but they went free-to-play 7 months ago. If we assume he’s been playing for the past seven months (and it’s probably less than that), then he’s been paying an average of $21 per month.

– Talked to three different people within the last week who brought up the fact that they torrented something. One girl said she was having trouble installing some torrented software and a movie on her computer, and asked if I could help her. I wasn’t sure what to say, so I ended up politely explaining that I couldn’t in good conscience help her with pirated material.