The Walking Dead

I’ve been wanting to check out The Walking Dead (AMC’s zombie series). Unfortunately, I don’t have a television. I don’t know why, in 2010, companies still don’t put all their shows on the internet. I knew their first episode was going to be available for free on their website, but even that didn’t work. (I got a “file not found” error last night when I tried it, and today it just redirects to the show’s main page.) Short of buying a television and cable (and why would I do that, especially since I’ve never seen it; not even the first episode), there’s no decent way to watch the show short of pirating it. Sometimes media companies make absolutely no sense. (End of rant.)

A google link that doesn’t actually lead to a video of the first episode:

Update: I found the episodes on Amazon ‘Video on Demand’. I wasn’t big on paying $2 an episode, I’d much rather have commercials, but I went ahead and bought a few episodes anyway.

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