New Tech – 3D on the iPad/iPhone, Augmented Reality [Video]

I just thought this was a pretty cool demo. It’s a 3D world running on the iPad and iPhone. I didn’t know they had such powerful processors. I guess it follows the general computing trend of the past 50 years, though – more powerful computers in smaller packages. Decades ago, computers filled an entire room. Then there was the desktop computer, then the laptop. Tablets and phone devices are just another step in that progression. I suppose the only limiting factor is the interface.

Speaking of the interface, this is next video is a pretty cool tech mockup. Maybe in the future, we won’t be limited to the size of a tablet or smart phone screen. (This video works best with blue-red 3D glasses, but it’s still watchable without them.)

It would be pretty weird to see someone interacting with their computer this way – since they’d be seeing the augmented reality images through some sort of glasses, but no one else would see what they’re seeing.

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