Atari Tape from the early 1980s

A few years ago, while I was home at my parents, I found this:

What is it? It’s a cassette tape… with software on it. Back when my parents first bought us a computer, it didn’t have a disk drive. It had a tape drive. The tape drive was connected to the computer, and when you wanted to load a program, you had to fast-forward or rewind to the location on the tape where the program started. Then, you pressed ‘play’ and waited for several minutes for the computer to read the software into memory by converting sounds into bits. The sounds would also play over the speaker, and it was really irritating. If the tape was getting old, the program wouldn’t load, and you’d have to start over and try again. I went ahead and recorded the sound that was on the tape. Enjoy: Atari Tape Recording

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