Nintendo Games Play Themselves

Just thought this was odd/funny:

Beginning with the upcoming New Super Mario Bros. Wii (due this holiday season), players will be able to pause a game during a particularly difficult level and let the game take over to complete the level. Press a button at any time to resume playing. This will help reduce barriers of entry for new or younger players – without purchasing a strategy guide or resorting to websites that list cheat codes.

Source: USA Today: Nintendo confirms secret ‘Help’ feature

When I first heard about this feature, I thought that the game would play-through the level by itself to show you how to do it, but wouldn’t actually move you through the game.

Nintendo even got a patent on it.

One thought on “Nintendo Games Play Themselves

  1. I know that Nintendo wants to cater for casual gamers, but DANG!

    I now demand these modes for all those impossible NES games. Silver Surfer, I’m looking at you!

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